How To Make Money With Every Member Gets Paid Program

02/09/2011 16:44



How it Works!

A WORLD FIRST!............ EVERY Member Gets Paid!

You will receive 1 FREE Share when you join, this gets you started with INSTANT Cash in your account!

For EVERY new member you refer to EVERY Member Gets Paid, you will receive 2 extra shares to your total.

SHARES = CASH from the Cashbox. So get as many SHARES as you can.


You can also get SHARES when you purchase a banner on our site. For every $ you spend on banner ads, you will receive 1 extra share. So, if you spend $3 you get 3 extra shares.


When you add links you earn GEMP'S. G.E.M.P means "Give Every Member Payment". When you click links and 24hr POST_IT Ads you earns GEMPS. When you click on advertisers banners and JOIN their sites, you will earn even more GEMPS.


GEMPS are converted to SHARES and SHARES = CASH from the CASHBOX. The best way to get lots of GEMPS is to JOIN banner advertisers websites. Make sure you verify your emails and activate the new account when you join an advertisers site, so then the advertiser will know you have completely JOINED their site and can confirm you have joined with them and they can GIVE you the GEMPS they offered.

If you ever wished you could get in on the GROUND FLOOR with an excellent opportunity, here is your chance. Visitors to the site are signing up with little hesitation because, EVERY Member Gets Paid.


Payout of the CASHBOX will be in the first day of each month. Members will be paid to either their Paypal account or their Alertpay (slower mode) account. Each member will be paid according to the number of SHARES they have aquired and the value of the SHARES will vary, depending also on whether the member is an active member or not.


Members MUST qualify to be paid and referrals SHARES are only counted and are of value if the referral is also a qualified member.To be qualified, a member MUST have entered their payment processor (PayPal or AlertPay) email address, as well as COMPLETE details in the member's SETTINGS page.


If you choose to do NOTHING at all. You will continue to be paid as long as you login to the site at least once every 30 days. Your SHARE value will only be 50% at payout time.


Every ACTIVE member receives FULL share value at payout time. To be an ACTIVE member, you must earn at least 400 GEMPS in the current month to be an active member. Inactive members only receive 50% of SHARE value at payout time. This ensures working/active members receive the higher value for their SHARES, but it still allows EVERY qualified Member to Get Paid.


Please support our Banner advertisers, they are the ones putting CASH in the CASHBOX!

We have a NO REFUND policy. On joining Every Member Gets Paid you understand that no refunds are available.


Being a member here on EVERY Member Gets Paid you agree to receiving regular emails from us regarding the site and also information relating to other sites on occassion.


You also understand that site rules can change at any time without notice and all decisions by admin are final.

Officially Launched 1 July 2011

July Earnings

Total Shares Active Status Share Value Mystery Bonus Amount Earned
169 Active 0.07 each 12.00 23.83

August Earnings

Total Shares Active Status Share Value Mystery Bonus Amount Earned
213 Active 0.07 each 12.00 26.91