InfinityXXI Team Update. Why this is so good and my reinvestment plans.

07/09/2011 11:13

Hello again everyone and welcome to new members both free and upgraded. Please read all the details below.

If you are not yet upgraded then do it as soon as you can, you will soon see that this payplan blows just about anything else away, its built for huge spillover and so works to help everyone. This blows the likes of onex and autoxten out of the water.
Why throw $30 into a one time payment program for it to die in a week, why not sit in this one for 3 months for the same overall cost and see why this is so much better.

This program impresses me more and more. It may not be the best looking program out there but its set up in a way to pay you HUGE as we go on. Its also catcing on as people are starting to realise the power of this payplan and how its taken 2 proven systems to another level.

Not only has it the powerful pass up payment system we see being used by these forced gifting type programs but also it has matrix commissions too.
No waiting for a downline to upgrade levels, its all done automatic and each time any position in your 11 level forced matrix upgrades, you earn a commission and that commission increases each level they upgrade to.... thats up to 11 commission payments to you per position in your matrix, not just once in standard systems !!!! WOW.

To top it all off.... every month you get a new position and this means huge further spillover as the extra positions go under you and its all in your forced 2x11 matrix. This means your matrix keeps building, keeps forcing more position upgrades under you, more matrix commissons and more passed up payments to you..... Incredible. Each position can pay you up to $2.1million.


I am going to reinvest 50% of my earnings in more positions each friday, these all spillover in my matrix to go under other members and so helping them get paid more and more too. I reinvested part of my earnings on friday, I reinvested in $72 worth of positions and actually earned $45 back instantly in commissions!!!
Right now i have enough to buy 7 more positions, that will be much more by friday so get in ahead of them.

Did you know you could buy more positions and they are a one time cost of $5.99 too? They go under you meaning you can not only get paid multiple times with the 1 position but you can get paid multiple times from your extra positions too.

To do this simply follow these steps....
1. Click "ACTIVATE MORE POSITIONS" in the left hand menu bar on your dashboard.
2. Select the first product, cost $5.99.
3. Click open cart in the top right hand corner of the store page.
4. Click the red + sign to add more positions, each $5.99 purchase is a position in the super matrix.
5. Then go to checkout at the bottom.
6. You can now pay from account balance or alertpay.

These positions all go under you giving you more positions to earn on and building your matrix at the same time and so forcing payments up to you and the matrix commissions too when any position upgrades a level in your 11 level matrix.


Your matrix positions can be found under the "SUPER MATRIX" tab on your top menu bar, this shows you your positions and also how many positions are under each position.
If you click the "list" option you can see the levels and the positions that are in them.

This is a big one guys, this program can grow and grow and bring you some major money.
Its run by a very trustworthy admin who always pays and the program will also not go anywhere. I have been in his programs over the years and i know they work.

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