InfinityXXI Update. Look at How Lucrative The InfinityXXI Payplan Is...

07/09/2011 11:12

Hey everyone. Just a little breakdown of the payplan and showing why you really should be a part of it if you are not yet....

I sent this message out in the early hours of this program but wanted to send it again to everyone so they can see just how powerful this payplan is and why its built to earn more and more for you as the months go by..

There is nothing like this online right now, i dont think ive ever seen this before. Its taken 2 top payplans and combined them to create a very lucrative system that will just keep growing each month and giving you more positions to be paid on each month too.

A combined forced matrix and forced pass up payment plan. Each person can only have 2 positions under them, the rest are forced to spillover. This type of plan means a lot of spillover.

Every single POSITION in your 2x11 forced matrix can pay you 11 times in matrix commissions alone.
Note i said positions there, not just people.
Thats just one way of earning here, those 11 payments happen each time a position moves up a payment level in the forced pass up payment part of the program......... YES this pays you matrix commissions each time that happens down 11 levels....

These range from $0.25 each time a position upgrades to level 1, 2 and 3..... right up to $64 when the position upgrades to level 11... Paid instantly to YOU.......... WOW.

You also get paid the pass up payments from each position on the corresponding level of your downline, meaning when a position on your level 3 upgrades to level 3 then its you the payment gets passed up to, ranging from $2.50 on levels 1, 2 and 3 to $640 on level 11.

The best part is that each month you get another position and this is placed in YOUR matrix. This helps build your own matrix and force them payments up to you but also think of this... your upline is also getting new positions and they are forced to spill down in their matrix so also building yours further.

Ive never seen anything like it.
Each position can pay you over $2.1million.

$9.99 per month?......... Oh yes, its worth it. Think of how much you could have earned in 3 months, given how fast a 2x matrix grows and spills then im betting it will be way more than the $30 its cost you over that time.

You can also add more positions under you at any time, just click "ACTIVATE MORE POSITIONS" then select a $5.99 product and then go to your cart, add more positions if you like then cash out using account balance or alertpay. I have bought 9 more positions so far and will continue to reinvest to help spill over more positions to help others get paid more too.

This is big guys, go get em!

Wilson Philip