The latest new program, Receive articles based on your interests & get paid to read them...

14/06/2010 10:11

Welcome to readbud

readbud offers you a unique opportunity to involve yourself in an exclusive online experience where you get paid to read and rate interesting articles relevant to your actual interests.

Start earning money for your time & attention!

Your time & attention will be rewarded
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Relevant articles are delivered to you
Earn at least $50 to redeem cash via PayPal
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Receive articles based on your interests & get paid to read them...


FOR ADVERTISERS: Advertise through articles & reach your target audience!

Reach highly targeted audience by using articles as your advertising channel through readbud!
  • Reach only your specific target audience to maximise leads
  • Intrigue your potential customers with your offers through your article
  • Incorporate your articles with image, flash or text ads for click-throughs to your website/destination
  • Your article will only contain only your ads - no external advertising from our sponsors
  • Simple to use campaign management tools
  • Pay as you go using PayPal or credit card
  • Advanced statistics with analytical reports and 2D/3D graphs
Expose your products and services to the right audience by becoming an Advertiser!

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